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Man may not have survived if fire was not discovered. Mankind may have stagnated if wheel was not invented. Humans would still have been nomadic, if agriculture was not found. These may have been rudimentary technologies, but their impact in transforming humanity has been phenomenal.

The fact that technology helps humanity transform, evolve and grow is not lost on us. Hence , we always value technology and encourage innovation. In fact, technology is our man Friday and innovation is our middle name.

We are proud of the non-conventional technology that we use along with the latest innovation in digital glazing that helps us produce the never-before seen slabs that are absolutely flat.

Plant Machinery

Designing Process

Sourcing the finest marbles from around the world

Cutting and polishing process

Cutting and polishing process

Scanning the final design in advanced machines

Color correction of the scanned image

After such stringent process, a design is finally added to our collection

01RAW Material

RAW Material

Emcer is having strong research team for selecting high quality of raw materials from India & different part of world for producing high quality of SLAB. Our quality assurance deparment checks and confirm all incoming raw materials before unloading from consignment. Once quality department approves then only materials is unloaded defined bins.

02Mixing & Weighting Machine

Mixing & Weighting Machine

Emcer have facility of two different batching unit with self calibrated load cells for proper Weighing of raw materials as per formulation given by R & D department. These self calibrated machines play very vital role in controlling quality of final output.



Milling department having facility of 4 rotary mills which has capacity of 400MT per day with high content of imported alumina pebbles for proper grinding and homogeneous mixing of each loaded materials in mills.



To achieve proper goniometry of raw powder, Emcer is having facility of 4000 Ltrs capacity of underground tanks for proper mixing of grinned slip, it also helps in process to remove unwanted gases from slip.



Quality is prior responsibility, keeping this in view, we have most advanced 3-Stage automatic iron removing magnetic system. This nullify iron content from slip and Improve body tone and more transparency on the surface of slab.

06Spray Dryer

Spray Dryer

This is very crucial stage where we can control Granulometry of powder for proper pressing. Emcer having spray dryer which is 100% auto controlled and allow us to achieve desire Granulometry and moisture.

07Powder Storage

Powder Storage

We designed our powder storage in such a way that we can keep powder of many formulation & different colors. Powder storage system is completely controlled by programming and there is no manual acceptance allowed for changing powder for pressing. This computerized system help us for consistent color tone and texture of body on surface of slabs. This system is customized for Emcer only.

08Dry Color & Flakes Process

Dry Color & Flakes Process

This is unified machine with very unique facilities starts from powder batching, Storage silos to press feeder. This unique machine is having facility to
A) Proper batching of powder for application at press. B) Online coloring of powder with even mixing and it helps to control tones of full colour body. C) Online flakes batching with different number of colors and mixed together for uniform surface through out tiles. These flakes gives aesthetical effects on tile surfaces.

09LamGea 22000

LamGea 22000

The LAMGEA is natural isostatic pressing system so the slab is free to expand thereby releasing any internal tension. When it comes out of the kiln, the shape of the slab is 100% regular without any guage error. With this LAMGEA we can produced slab up-to 1.2 mtr to 2.4 mtr with standard atomized powders and also with flakes. Biggest advantage of LAMGEA would be that we can go to desired thickness, from 5 to 20 mm, depending on the product’s intended use. we can create any effect on the slabs, even structured surfaces with a relief up to 2 mm, digital decorations, 3D effects. Since the belt slides on the press, we can create different structures on a slab surface.



Five layer fast drying system dryer, which remove moisture from pressed slab for proper application of high density glazes on surface.

11High Definition Digital Printing Machine

High Definition Digital Printing Machine

The state art of machinery with latest generation of technology of printing head. This machine can have capacity to print HD designs with natural aesthetical colors and hence it matches the natural stones and desired designs with colors. Our configurated machine have capacity to print any dark color on any kind of surface. With this generation of machine, we can create different surface on slab, hence it will enhance its beauty.

12Storage System

Storage System

Concerning more about quality production of SLAB, Emcer is having facility to stored surface applied tiles for few hours to properly mature the applied materials on surface. Car storage systems biggest advantage are to improve surface appearance. To handle these storage cars, Emcer keeps automatic guided vehicle to handle these unfired big slabs. it avoids jerking while transporting in-between glazing line to kiln.



Surface waviness and Roller impressions on surface of slabs - these are the two common unavoidable problems all over the world in ceramics industry. It went somewhere better after controlling in Kiln and Polishing process; but even after so much of tuning on kiln and polishing, slabs could never match original marble surface because of said problems. Finally Emcer found its way to remove these problem after discussions with manufacturer of roller kiln & many technical experts and henceforth Emcer is having India’s first NARROW ROLLER KILN with enhanced hi-tech modification in combustion & firing system to completely eliminate surface waviness and roller impression from SLAB In order to fulfill our commitment towards the world class quality and Natural surface, Emcer decided to go with two narrow kiln as compare to one single traditional kiln by making large investments.

14Polishing & Nano Coating

Polishing & Nano Coating

We have 64 heads polishing line instead of normal polishing line, this is to improve more flatness and high glossiness and it creates surface which is more close to natural stones and other effect. Nano coating machine help us in waxing and coating surface for long lasting.



‘Commitment to Quality’, sorting department have two facility, in the first stage we have manual inspection on surface fault & physical fault on SLAB and second check point have reconfirmation of their sorting in another light effect. This enhance more consistency and assure of quality in packed slab.

16Planner & Sizer Machine

Planner & Sizer Machine

This is final non contacting quality control machines which ensure us about our final packed product without error. As these are non contacting machine so its undoubted compromise with packed materials quality. These are very high tech quality assurance devices.

Planner Machine : Emcer having facility to check on line planarity of Slab, which is being controls online

This device controls :-

1. Non -orthogonal Angles

2. Non Linear Sides

3. Imperfect Rectifying

4. Parallelogram Faults. ing

4. Parallelogram Faults

Sizer Machine : Sizer device controls side measurement and diagner measurement which defines our quality control process.

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