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it's quite transparent that success has nothing to do with our initial set of life or circumstances. Some of the poorest and disadvantaged people in the world have achieved the greatest successes of all time.

While there have been countless books, articles, audiobooks, television shows, and of course, blog posts, on the topic of success in life, most of the people still feel lost. There's a day-to-day struggle that many simply can't rise above, hopelessness, suffocating in a sea of despair, & lose dreams. But, there is a definite way. Surely, if others can do it, we can do it too, right?
Without getting specific about our goals and really defining a framework of success in our lives, they remain far more abstract & gloomy. When they are specific, in that its written out in detail, and you can both quantify them and know on what date you need to achieve them, they become more real.
In fact, synopsis have confirmed that people who create specific and written goals are for more likely to achieve them.
Managing Director, Mr. Gautam Patel Founder, Master of innovations, His fundamental directive principles of business have successfully steeping to make EMCER.

Mr. Gautam Patel

Mind behind Emcer

Having similar Kind of perspective & moral principles, the close companion of MD, our Chief Managing Director Mr. Dipak Patel founder, Highly creative and positive. He Has accepted new challenges and discomfort to accomplish EMCER long term's vision. He had started his career in 2003 after graduation in Bachelor of Commerce. Looking forward at some visions with innovative Ideas he joined family business called Varia Prajapati, Roofing Tiles, taking
family business to new heights, he became the first person to initiated direct sales channels partners across the India which helped the company take-over 5 other companies later on in order to fulfil the market demands. In 2010 He has founded the Tiles manufacturing company named "Sanford Vitrified Pvt. Ltd." He started with soluble salt tiles, which had capacity of 7000 sq. meters / day production, In 2012- Looking to the future market needs, and the new trends, he started production of GVT at that time Sanford was one of the first five companies to make GVT in India. As on today Sanford Expanded their production capacity to 15000 Sq. meters / day. Which is an Achievement, Sanford is recognized in market for R&D, innovation, design & quality. Design & Quality are excellent, and that's the reason it created Benchmark in the Ceramic Industry.

Mr. Dipak Patel

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