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Emcer is a Group Venture between two renowned brands of the ceramic industry, SOL Tiles and Sanford Tiles, bringing together the best of expertise and innovation along with an unmatched experience of more than three decades. Emcer aims to revolutionize the industry by introducing never-before seen slabs that are sure to raise the bar of grandeur a notch higher.

What does Emcer mean to us, or should mean to you? What are the keywords that come to our minds when we think of Brand Emcer? The answer to this question is beyond the literal dictionary meaning, and deeper than what the word itself stands for. Emcer is an unflinching vision, an unwavering ambition, and an untiring determination striding confidently towards a magnificence that will redefine perfection.

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Vision & Mission

To become a benchmark in the Ceramic industry by providing world class tiling solutions that make home better, and lives happier.

To provide luxury to customers increasing the value for their money.

To innovate, implement and optimize our business in order to continuously improve and exceed customer expectations on quality and cost.

To improve the quality of life for millions by creating a strong and trusted global brand.


Providing quality products is no longer considered as an USP. Today quality is a standard norm which company has to follow. Therefore, at Emcer, compromising with quality is never tolerated. Even after 10 years of buying the product, our consumer should remember us for the quality we provided them.


What is new today will be out of fashion tomorrow. The companies which do not take this statement seriously will bite the dust soon. Constant innovation in every aspect of the business is the only way to survive. Not only in terms of design, one needs to innovate in the way products are made, innovate the current technology and also innovate the internal ways of working to be more productive.



Provide them with the widest range of aesthetic products possible which enables them to experiment with designs.


No compromise with the quality and raw material of our products which ensures highest quality standards ever in the Ceramic Industry.


Provide them with the widest range of aesthetic products possible which enables them to experiment with designs.

Dealer & Distributor

We provide world class customer service, on time delivery is our strength.

Our Values


Integrity is the qualifications of being honest and having strong moral principles.


Accountability is answer ability, blameworthiness, liability and the expectation of account-giving.


Passion is a very strong feeling about a person or thing.


Humility is the quality of being humble.


Simplicity is the state or quality of being simple.

Success Driven

Success Driven is achieving of the results, hoped for.


Quality is superiority.


Innovation is better solutions for new requirements and existing market needs.

Corporate Play



Building area

1,49,000 sq mtrs

Land area

2,34,000 sq mtrs

Office area

9,200 sq mtrs

Annual Production Capacity

17.5 million sq mtrs per year

Man Power Strength

1,600 Employees

Eco friendly

Working towards a better future not only for the company but also for the environment at large was always our endeavour. Keeping this in mind, our production unit is equipped with Bio-Gas and Solar Energy plants which ensure zero harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

Made in india

India has led the world in various fields over the time. We are proud to say that this initiative by Emcer will be counted amongst it. All our designs and products are made in India for the world!

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